Rob before the premiere
Rob again
Mom before the premiere
people begin arriving
Andrea arriving
hey there’s my dad
Lisa, Gene and I
well hello
Mom and I
Frank, Shelley and I
Tony and I
us screwing around
a gaggle of dorks
this pic is so “boy band”
Shelley and I
Me and my sister
oh yeah!
it’s almost show-time
Rob saying a few words
the after party
hey that’s us!
the after party at Mom’s
Mr. Peluso and Jenn
Mom and I
Grandma and Shelley
Jenn, Shelley and I
Jenn, Shelley and I
Dad working the bar
Mr. Kaczmerack
eager drinkers
Aunt Sue and folks
Friends of the Family
Friends of the Family
Couch the movie Couch premiered at the Market Arcade Theatre on Friday February 16th, 2007.